Despite the scientific anecdote of the frog in boiling water being disproven, the metaphor is still one that changed my life and will give you a huge paradigm shift.

For those of you that haven’t heard the story: If you try and put a frog in a pan of boiling water, it’ll instantly jump out. However, if you gradually heat the water, our amphibious friend will stay in the pan till it… croaks.

The takeaway of the tale is that gradual, consistent changes are far more effective at changing lives then massive sudden events. When we try and force a large change in our life, it tends to be more “month-changing” and not “life-changing”.

The gyms always empty in February

January 1st is typically a day when people decide to make big changes in their lives, here are some the changes my friends have told me that they’re going to make:

  • I’m going to go to the gym 5 days a week!
  • I’m going to learn French and German
  • I’m going to save $30,000 this year

…and when February rolls around, they aren’t any closer to their goal. They’ve tried, given up, and will wait for another 11 months before they try again.

What are they doing wrong? Why can’t they stick to these positive goals? Why aren’t they living the life that they want to live?

Slow and steady wins the race

The human mind and body are two of the most adaptable tools on this planet, but they need gradual change.

Let’s take something like “doing 50 press-ups in one set” as an example. Most people would look at this goal and scoff, “I could never do 50 press-ups!” Let’s look at this a different way…

50 press-ups is just one more than 49 press-ups, and 49 press-ups is just one more than 48 press-ups…etc.

So, if you can currently do 10 press-ups, all you need to do is one more press-up each day and within 40 days you’ll have reached your goal!

The secret is consistently making small changes, and ensuring that you do that little-bit extra every day to bring you closer to your goal.

Are you ready to make a tiny change to your life?

People tend to talk about making dramatic “life-changing” decisions because it sells better, and makes people feel like they’re making that dramatic leap into their new lives.

That’s not how real life works.

I’m going to share with you some small changes that I made in my life that have made a big difference:

  • Stopped drinking a can of coke a day (over the year I reduced my calorie intake by 51,100, or 21 days’ worth of calories)
  • Started brewing my own coffee and taking it to work in a thermos (over the year I saved $550)
  • Started reading for 15 minutes per day (last year I read 20 books thanks to those 15 minutes)

What small changes have you made that you can recommend to other members of the MWF Motivation tribe? Type it in the comments below!

Written by Nathan Chai, Editor.

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