This episode, much like it did for most of you, caught my attention. Coincidentally I was drinking from one of my coffee mugs that states, “Believe in Yourself”.  It is important to note that he is not stating, don’t believe in yourself, rather you don’t need to believe in yourself to get going.

Depending on the source, belief has a few different connotations.  It also may mean something different to different people.  

Summed up, belief is defined as mental conviction of the truth of some statement or the reality of some being or phenomenon. Can you think of a time recently that you may have stated, “I believe…” and the context of what inspired that belief was to achieve something greater than your current state of being?

I know from experience I have had those beliefs.  What happened over the coming hours, days, weeks, months etc…?  Did you achieve what you said you believed?  

Unless you didn’t take action the only plausible way is if a miracle happened.  Now I believe in the law of attraction, but remember you can’t get traction without action.

Then, as Rob stated, it is action that causes the reaction that you desire. Which will then inspire the belief in yourself. If it is the wrong action, then the wrong or alternate outcome will be produced.  

What causes any of us to take action? Why?  What is your why?  If your why is not great enough than your belief will die inside of you and the reverse of belief will set in causing fear to germinate inside.  When the pain of not taking action becomes greater than the pain of taking action, your purpose, your why, will take on a whole new meaning.

Unfortunately, the longer we wait, change in a way that we least would like to evolve takes place.

My father, a loving, caring man, had this happen late in his career.  As someone who worked in Social Services, often heading numerous volunteer efforts and giving his heart to his position, he was blindsided when the state decided to do away with his position.

Throughout his career he was offered opportunities to advance and he turned them down.  He said he was comfortable where he was. He didn’t take action, and do to that comfort, action was taken on him after over 20 years with the state.  He associated more pain with his why for taking the promotions than his why, with staying in his comfort zone.  I experienced something similar a few years ago.  Fear is the author of those chapters in our lives.

Action is the great equalizer.

Get moving and on your goals and the belief will be there. Be good to yourself and to others my friends!

Focused Ahead,

Jeff Murray, Website Contributor