Honest Question: Do you think that the world is unsafe?

If you watch the news, or pay attention to anything that’s on your Facebook newsfeed, you probably think that the world is getting less and less safe. Here is the good news, nothing could be further from the truth.


Understand Your Brain

Your brain is a 2 million year old piece of machinery. It is not designed to make you happy, it is designed to keep you safe. You have to realize that your brain is designed to look at and remember all of the negatives. Millions of years ago, this was beneficial for us, because if someone in our tribe ate from the wrong berry plant and died, then we had to remember that so that we would not do the same. If we walked by a bush and there was a lion in it, we needed to remember to not walk by that bush again. Our brains focus on those negative occurrences to keep us alive. Our brains are always going to think of the negative first.


Now, millions of years later, we don’t have to worry about poisonous berries or lions, but our brains still focus on the negative. The newsgroups know this, that is why the news is filled with negative content, because our brains are designed to focus on the negative. So they push out as much negative content as they can, knowing it will grab our attention and spike their viewership, in turn making them more advertising dollars. If you watch the news, or you pay attention to your Facebook newsfeed it looks like the world is getting less and less safe. Stop watching the news!!


The World is Getting Safer!

If you look at the Department of Justice’s website, bjs.gov, our crime rates, murder rates, and gun violence are some of the lowest they have been since 1952. In fact, the ’90s were two times more dangerous than today. Why am I telling you this? Because you need to stop being “brainwashed” by all of the negative news, otherwise you’re going to think that the world is getting worse. You don’t want to live in fear and shouldn’t, because we are living in the happiest and safest time in human history.


You need to make yourself pay attention to all the positive stuff that’s happening around you, because the world is amazing and only getting better. You need to start filling your mind with books, motivational articles, and inspiring stories. Focus on what you can be grateful for and all of the opportunities that there are in the world.


YOU are in charge of your focus and by changing what you focus on, you are changing your view of the world. 


The Challenge: Share Good

Here is the challenge that I want to leave you with: instead of sharing negative news on Facebook, can you start sharing only the good? What good can you share with somebody today? Make it your mission for people to actually start to see more positive in their newsfeeds and help them realize how amazing things are for them as well.


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