Life can be a crap shoot 🙂

You can plan and plan and then something can happen unexpectedly. There is the only guarantee in life – eventually tough times will come. Life has seasons sometimes things a great and the flowers are blooming and sometimes it’s cold as can be and you don’t want to leave the house.

If we know the winter will eventually come should we be crippled by it when it finally does? No. It might come at an unexpected time but we must expect the unexpected.

The difference between someone who lives a mediocre life and a person who lives a mastered their life is this: People who live a mediocre life see obstacles and it debilitates them while those with a mastered life expect the unexpected and use it to their advantage.

An obstacle can come about and people with mediocre minds allow it put them out of commission for a few days, a few weeks, or sometimes even the rest of their life! People can have one event happen that ruins their entire life. If you know eventually one day the crap will hit the fan then why let it bring you down when it does?

Masters of their lives are the exact opposite. When that obstacle happens they live by the five minute rule. They give themselves five minutes to be pissed off, yell scream, do whatever is needed and then move on. Then they look for an opportunity in that obstacle.

Every obstacle holds an opportunity within it. An opportunity to learn, to grow, to get better, to build a stronger mindset, and then move on a better person.

A key question to remember any time something bad happens to you ask yourself “What is the benefit in this?” The power of your mindset is in the questions that you ask yourself. The power to ask yourself empowering question in the face of adversity.

Most people ask themselves the wrong questions when dealing with adversity. Questions like: Why me? Why do I have the worst luck? Will things ever get better? Why does this always happen to me? Why can’t I have a better life?

Masters of their lives ask questions like: What benefit can I learn from this? What benefit can come from this? How can I take this, learn and get better?

The power is in the questions we ask ourselves. If you can learn to ask yourself better questions when things go wrong you will change your perspective of what happened to you and change your life. All events in life are lessons, if you let them be lessons.

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