Do you know the main difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful person?


The main difference is what happens between their ears. An unsuccessful person never takes control. They never master their mindset. They leave their life up to chance.


A successful person masters their mind. They take control of everything that happens to them. An unsuccessful person thinks that the world happens to them. All they do is react. A successful person thinks that the world happens for them. They don’t react to situations, they plan ahead and are proactive in their life.


The difference between the two of them is so small. But why do most people never take control of their mind? Easy, because they never think of their mind as something they can control.


I’ll give you an example: If I wanna squeeze my fist, I can squeeze my fist. Why? Because it’s part of my body. I can make it do what I want it to do. Now if I went to go squeeze my hand and I couldn’t squeeze my hand, that would be a small freak-out moment, because my body would not be working correctly.  


Your brain is part of your body. You can make it do whatever you want.


But most people live their entire lives letting their brain control them and let it run all over the place. It’s not supposed to work that way. You can’t control the first thought that comes into your head, but you can always control your second thought. You can’t control your fears that have been ingrained in you since you were younger, but what you can do is figure out how to work with them to still be successful in spite of them.


We all know people that are successful that have had terrible upbringings but still find a way to succeed. So what’s the difference between them and everybody else? The difference is they didn’t let their story become their entire life. They accepted their story and they played their life with the cards that they were dealt. They decided to take control and let their past be their excuse. 


What they decided was that if they’re on the route to success and things get in their way, that they would not quit. They’re just gonna make a detour and figure out another way to get there. They’re the masters of their mind. They figured out what makes them tick. They figured out the habits and patterns that are best for them to have, and the best ones to get rid of as well.


So I want you to realize that you are in control of everything. Either you decide to take control of your life, or you give up control and just see what happens. I hope that you choose to take control and to master your mind. I hope that you read and invest into yourself, and make sure that you get to where you wanna go. It’s your decision.

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