Do you ever feel a little lost and not sure where your career is going? Are you still trying to “find your way”? At this point in your life, it’s very common, but do not worry about it. It is normal not to have all the answers. However, I have an idea that might help you: it’s called mentoring.

A mentor is someone who has already achieved what you aim for, and this makes it easier for you to benefit from his wealth of experience so that you achieve progress faster than you could if you were alone. A mentor goes beyond simple teaching; he or she is someone who takes you by the hand and shows you the right path that takes you quicker to your destination. It’s like taking the elevator instead of going up the stairs.

Too many people put arbitrary limits on who they can try to reach or whom they can seek advice from. As a result, they never know the benefits of having someone experienced who gives them a boost and puts them back in the right direction.

Whatever objective you’re trying to achieve, no matter what area you’re trying to excel, there are thousands of people who have done it before. It would be a shame not to try to speak to one of them.

Choosing a mentor is not easy, however, firstly, the person must be ready to help you and have time to dedicate to you. Someone who can help you set professional goals. He must also have your interests at heart, be able to say positive things about you and be willing to help you improve your weaknesses. Mentoring takes a lot of time, but it can be very rewarding if done well.

Here are some of the benefits of having a mentor:

1 – Having a mentor enables you to acquire the right frame of mind and confidence you need to succeed. These are two fundamental keys to success.

2 – Having a mentor helps you take action and make the right decisions about your career (strategic choices). You navigate much better through obstacles if you rely on the advice of a mentor who has gone through it before you.

3 – The mentor is an ally who opens doors that take you directly to the essentials. You save energy and precious time.

4 – Having a mentor helps you maintain your motivation. If he is someone you admire, if he is your ideal then he will be your best source of inspiration. You also benefit from his constructive and valuable ideas. He can criticize your own performance and get to know you better.

5 – By taking a mentor, you greatly reduce the time of your learning. Since you benefit from his experience, you do not have to make your own trial and error. Also, you gain leadership skills or improve existing ones.

6 – Having a mentor will also help you to integrate “the human factor” and the relational skills that are indispensable in any success (especially in sales).

7 – Having a mentor is like having a bunch of friends. This is because a mentor lets you have access to his circle of friends. The mentor who believes in you and who speaks positively to you or who recommends you to his network of contacts will greatly enhance your success.

8 – The mentor gives you access to the tools that are essential to your success. Your mentor gives you his keys to open all the doors (books, courses, training, ebook, seminars, software, tricks, trade secrets, etc.).

9 – Having a mentor allows you to learn faster, to accelerate your development and to retain. You acquire new career skills to advance your career. Your level will be better if you hold on as part of an “exchange” than if you learn by yourself.

However, it is important that you keep in mind that a mentor is not someone who is being exploited. You have to take it seriously and put as much effort into it as you expect from your mentor. If you take mentoring seriously, your mentor will do just as much. It even happens, in some cases that a mentor can give you responsibilities to do!