Episode 151

I promised to send this to you last week so here it is!

This is a shortened version of my first blog post! To read the full blog & watch the video CLICK HERE.

If you watch the news it seems like the world is getting worse.

If you look at the statistics, though, we are living in safest, happiest, most prosperous time in human history. Murder rates, violence and even gun violence statistics are all DOWN. In fact, the US alone is safer than it has been in the past 60 years. (check bjs.gov)

What you focus on magnifies!

If you watch the news and focus on the bad, the world will seem terrible. In turn, you will notice all of the bad that is around you. If you focus on the good you will notice how great everything around you actually is.

How do you change your perspective? Stop watching the news, and concentrate on filling your mind with positive information. Also, if you use Facebook please stop sharing the terrible things in your newsfeed, people see enough of that. Start sharing all of the good that you can, so that people around you can start to focus on what amazing as well!

Share Good!


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