It’s really easy to get pissed off nowadays. It’s easy to get mad at somebody at work, or get mad at somebody who cut you off on the road.

Do you know what’s hard? To have compassion for that person instead.

Who knows, the person who went off on you at work might be having trouble in their marriage. The person who cut you off might be rushing because their 16 year old son was in a car accident, and they’re trying to see him in the hospital. You never really know what’s going on. Everybody in the world is fighting an internal battle that you know absolutely nothing about.

Some people you can read, and you can see it on their face that they are going through some sort of struggle. But others are really good at hiding it. So why don’t you go through every single day with compassion for people instead of hatred? The end result is more happiness for you. That’s one thing that is for sure.

What about people in the past? What about the people who have really hurt you?

I want to challenge you to be the bigger person and have compassion for them as well. Why don’t you let the compassion outweigh the hatred? They might have done terrible things to you in the past, but it might be because of their family. It might be because of the terrible way that they were raised.
They might have some really horrible parents that raised them the wrong way. For that alone you should have compassion for them, because they have way more problems than you do at this point.

If you were in high school and somebody bullied you, think about what might have gone on in their home life. They could have been abused by their parents, and that is way worse than being treated badly by another high schooler. Put yourself in that person’s shoes and it will make it easier to find compassion for them.

That hatred that you’re still carrying, the weight that you’re holding on your shoulders, it’s finally just time to let it go, and drop it. Realize that they could be going through some struggles as well. When you realize that, it will make it a lot easier to have compassion.

So I ask you to challenge yourself to start replacing your hatred for compassion. It will you happier and healthier!