One of the best ways to stay dissatisfied and unfulfilled is working on someone else’s dream instead of your own.

So how can you prevent this?

How can you begin working on your dreams?

Well, the good news is the solution is simple…and if you ask us – quite exciting!

In one word: Clarity.

Being clear about what you desire provides you with more than you want – whether that’s making 100k a year or more, having the car of your dreams, or doing work that you love – they are all means to an end.

This means you don’t want these things for what they are, you want these things because of how they will make you feel. For some that feeling could be happiness, or success. For others it could be significance or freedom. Whatever the desire, clarity is associated with positive feelings.

Almost everything you experience is because someone created it into existence with being clear on what they wanted: the broom you use to sweep your floors, the plane you took to your last vacation spot, the purse you put your necessities in, the phone you call your parents on – someone put time into their dream to make it a reality for you to enjoy…to feel good.

Let yourself be a child again. Allow yourself to dream, but with clarity.

If you need a little guidance on how clear you should be, follow my 4W method. Take out your journal, or write in your Evernote and answer your what, when, where, and why.

What – Identify what it is you want with detail.

Weak: I want a house
Better: I want a 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom, 3 car garage that sits on 6k square feet. I want tile roofing with beige/light brown stucco with stone veneer siding outside the home…etc.

When – What month, and or year, do you want it by? (p.s. don’t forget to be realistic!)

Weak: when the kids get older
Better: By December 2018

Weak: a place where there is nice weather
Better: Calabasas, California in “x” neighborhood a neighborhood like “xyz.”

Why – Why do you want these things? Why are these things important to your life?

Weak: Because I think it would just be awesome to have.
Better: Because this allows me to provide for my family making sure they are in a safe neighborhood and seeing that anything is possible etc…

Fairly simple, right? We learn this in grade school. Only they teach us how to write paragraphs or how to summarize what we just read, but as adults it can guide you towards making your dreams a reality.

Remember, everything you will want in life is because of how it will make you feel, but in order to have and feel the way you want, you must be detailed with your desires.



Written by Crystal Mendoza inspired by a lesson from Rob Dial