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Episode 116 – Invest in Yourself (KNOWLEDGE IS POWER PT. 4)

Send me an email: Rob@MWFmotivation.com Part Four of the Knowledge is Power Series is "Invest in Yourself" The trouble with most people's mindsets today is that they have have no trouble spending a couple hundred dollars on drinks each weekend but when it comes to investing into their own knowledge they get cheap. Investing in [...]

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Episode 115 – Acquire More Skills (KNOWLEDGE IS POWER PT. 3)

"Don't wish for it to be easier, wish for more skills" In order to become the person that you want to become you must acquire more skills and more knowledge. Whether you are an entrepreneur or and employee the only way to make more money is to make yourself more valuable to them marketplace and [...]

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Episode 114: Learn From Your Mistakes (KNOWLEDGE IS POWER PT. 2)

YOU WILL FAIL. Success is 99% failure. The problem is that most people quit when they fail. In this episode I talk about failure and how to set yourself up to learn from every mistake and failure that you have. LINK TO MY CALENDAR: https://calendly.com/robdial   iTunes: http://apple.co/1ES21jU

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Ep 113: KNOWLEDGE IS POWER pt. 1: Ignorance is Not Bliss

This is the first part of a four part series titled "Knowledge is Power." People love to use the phrase "Ignorance is Bliss" but in 2016 ignorance is not bliss, it is tragic. With Google and smartphones, ignorance is a decision and that decision to stay ignorant can leave you poor.   iTunes: http://apple.co/1ES21jU   [...]

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Episode 111 – How to Build Confidence When You Fail

We are all going to fail, that is part of life. The important thing to learn is how to best respond to failure. Last week the question "How do you keep confidence while working towards your goal especially when you fail?" I thought that would be a great podcast topic so I answer that question [...]

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Episode 110 – Master Your Mindset w/ Tom Bilyeu

Tom Bilyeu is the Co-Founder and President of Quest Nutrition the #2 fastest growing private company in America. In this episode we dive into why following your passion will always pay more than following the money and how mastering your mind will always pay dividends. In you would like to watch some of Tom's video [...]

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Episode 108 – Multitasking Makes You Dumb

Lots of people take pride in being great multitaskers. The problem with that is that multitasking is not only slowing you down and making you less efficient, but it is also making you dumber. In this episode I share all of the reasons why multitasking needs to be cut from your daily practice in order [...]

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