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Episode 120 – You’re Going to Die, Stop Worrying

People worry too much and most of the time they worry about things that never actually happen. We have such a short time on this Earth and such a limited amount of brain power each day, why would we want to waste either worrying about things that probably won't happen anyways. In this episode I [...]

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Ep 119 – The World Owes You Nothing

Everything is immediate nowadays. You can get the answer to almost any question, anywhere, and at the touch of your smartphone. Because of that, people today want immediate gratification. Success is never immediate, success takes time. In fact, it can take years. In this episode I talk about how to get to where you want by playing [...]

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Episode 118 – The Worst 4 Letter Word

The most offensive four letter word in the english language is the world luck. Luck does not exist. People who are successful now and seem "lucky" probably wouldn't seem lucky to most people years ago when they were struggling to their pay bills. The whole idea of luck takes all of the credit away from the [...]

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Episode 117 – S**t or Get Off The Pot

WARNING: This episode might be a big a wake up call!! There is a BIG difference between studying, training and executing. In this episode I break down each and tell you may be wasting your life doing something that will bring you absolutely now success. LINK TO MY CALENDAR: https://calendly.com/robdial iTunes: http://apple.co/1ES21jU   https://youtu.be/aN6U3YAafpA     [...]

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