Be The Hero

What makes someone a hero? I mean really... what is it that changes our perspective about someone in such a way as to place them above our normal perception of who we are as human beings?  I think the point here is that we, as a society, are not good at acknowledging the hero within [...]

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Master Your Mind

Do you know the main difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful person?   The main difference is what happens between their ears. An unsuccessful person never takes control. They never master their mindset. They leave their life up to chance.   A successful person masters their mind. They take control of everything that [...]

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Share Good

Honest Question: Do you think that the world is unsafe? If you watch the news, or pay attention to anything that's on your Facebook newsfeed, you probably think that the world is getting less and less safe. Here is the good news, nothing could be further from the truth.   Understand Your Brain Your brain [...]

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