How did you wake up today?

Did you jump out of your bed saying “Oh my god it’s another day, I’m so excited for another day”? Obviously that seems a little weird, but why? Why is that weird?

See lots people wake up and live their entire day pissed off. And you see it when you’re standing at the checkout counter and the cashier asks the person in front of you “How are you doing today?” And the person says “Aw I’m just getting by” and the cashier responds “Yeah, me too.”

Why is that the automatic default? Why do we have to have a reason to be happy or a reason to be excited? I’ll give you a reason, how about the fact that you just woke up today? Do you know how many people did not wake up today? Replace all of your negative feelings with gratitude.

Can you find a reason to be happy for absolutely no reason? Can you make gratitude your default emotion?

Anytime you feel like you might be feeling depressed, or you might be feeling down or be sad, why not put on music? Why not dance naked in your bathroom for absolutely no reason? You’re alive! That’s probably the best reason that I can give you.

What I want you to take from this article is to be happy for absolutely no reason. You can be sad or depressed for absolutely no reason. If you can do that, why not change it and just be happy for no reason? Why not be glad for no reason? How you feel is your choice! You are in control of your emotions!

Why not just be completely grateful that you’re alive when lots of people didn’t live through last night. That is what I think you should be absolutely happy about, and excited about every single day. If you live your life this way, what you’ll notice is that greater things will start to come into your life.

It will become easier to be happy. You will start to attract more happy people into your life and get rid of the negative ones. Think about that today and share this with someone if you love it.

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