Confidence affects all areas of our lives and is arguably one of the few things that separate successful people from the rest of the pack.  There is no easy answer on how to become more confident or develop a greater confidence just by making a decision to be more confident. Confidence is not a behavior, it is a mindset.  However, there are certain behaviors that help you “act your way” to a confident mindset.

The purpose of this article is not to completely transform your way of thinking to ultimately become a more confident person.  Rather, the goal is to show you ways that you can hack your confidence by focusing on five things in your life immediately.

  1. Dress like a boss

Have you ever had an experience where you went “all-out”, decided to put on your best attire and felt amazing the entire day?  I feel this way often – especially on days where I work from my home and don’t have anyone to impress with my attire.  However, I find that if I “get dressed” for work, despite being in my living room all day, I feel so much more productive and better about my work.  This idea transcends to nearly every area of life.  Next time you want to break a personal record at the gym, try on some new gym clothes and really show up for the occasion.

There was a study published by the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology that showed a correlation between higher test scores and subjects that were asked to wear white coats they believed to belong to doctors versus subjects that were told to wear street clothes. If the level of dress can potentially lead to higher cognitive function, it makes sense to always look our best! So the next time that someone criticizes your closet to be frivolous, let them know it is more of an arsenal of tools to increase your self confidence.

  1. Sit up and have proper posture

Having proper posture and sitting up straight is so simple yet so few people are aware of how our posture impacts our mood.  There have actually been studies to prove that sitting up straight in a less constrictive position helps to elevate many of the “feel-good” hormones and lower stress hormones in our bodies. Also, when you are sitting or standing up straight, you feel taller, which helps your confidence to be taller.  This is a perfect example of how one behavior change can impact your mentality in a matter of minutes.  Too often, we rely on our feelings and mentality to determine our behaviors but, as mentioned earlier, sometimes you have to act your way into feeling a certain way.

  1. Practice gratitude

There are only two motives in life – fear and love.  You can trace every behavior or every thought back to one of these two motives. When we work for fear, we have negative thoughts and behaviors and that’s the moment that we start pulling back from the abundance of life.  When you focus on love, you start to take appreciation for everything in your life.  It takes just as much energy to have love for your life as it does to have fear so why not allow love to win?

There are many ways to practice gratitude.  Some people like to use journaling and start off and end the day reminding yourself of all the great things that happened to you or the great feelings you’ve had throughout the day.  Even people in the hardest of circumstances can practice gratitude and bring more love into their life.  It’s important that you realize every day that you are worthy and it is your decision to allow the fear or the love to win!

  1. Smile more (even when you don’t feel like it)

Do you see a common theme here?  If we can’t get our mentalities exactly where we want to be, there are “hacks” that can help with behaving your way into or closer to a certain feeling. With all the hustle and bustle that overflows in our lives at each moment, it is important to remember to smile.

Smiling changes your attitude right away.  Go ahead – try it.  Close your eyes and smile for 30 seconds.  Watch how much better you feel and how happier you are. Not only do you feel happier when you smile but, according to many studies, people will find you more attractive.  When someone is smiling, it is normal to feel more drawn to them and also can be contagious!  Smiling is a form of energy that you put out into the universe, which is never created nor destroyed (the law of conservation of energy you may remember from physics) but simply transferred.  Remember this next time you want to attract more positivity into your life – show your smile!

  1. Exercise regularly

There are so many benefits that come from having a regular exercise routine, even if that means just taking a 30 minute walk each day. Thousands of years ago, we relied on our bodies’ physical fitness in order to survive by hunting for our food.  In today’s society, we are not forced to be active due to the advent of grocery stores, where we can get all the food we want or need without a challenge.  It is more important now than ever to have a routine where you get your body in motion.  Aside from the general health benefits that one gets from a regular exercise routine, it also helps with the way you look and the way you perform in all other areas of your life.

Although successful people tend to be among the busiest of people, they still find time to do their exercise because they know how important it is to them and their well-being.  Whether it be walking, jogging, resistance training, yoga or playing a recreational sport, it is important to remember: MOTION CREATES EMOTION!


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