Hi there.  We are Dean and Rob. We are the story of two ordinary guys on the journey to be extraordinary.


But, this site is not about us, it’s about you.  The lessons we have both learned in life will be shared to give you a burst of motivation for your own life.  Let’s talk about why this site is useful and meant just for you.

Together, we can create the “Movement for a Worthy Future”.

If you have arrived on this site or have listened to our podcast, you’re probably a lot like us.  We are always trying to become the best versions of ourselves.  Nobody is perfect, which is why we want to be vulnerable with you and share our authentic experiences and lessons for the world to see.  Let’s take a look at some things you can expect from the MWF Community:

  • Ideas for improving in all areas of your life including business, love, health, financial and more
  • Interaction with other like-minded individuals that want success in all areas of life
  • Resources that will always be here for you when you need it

Like we said; this is about you.  We want to connect with you and for you a community that will help take you from ordinary to extraordinary.  We don’t have all the answers but are sharing everything we can so we can hopefully make an impact on you and your life.

Lastly, the greatest compliment you can give to us is sharing the value on this site with those in your life so that we can add value to the lives of others as well.