Welcome To MWF Motivation

Hi there.  My name is Rob. I am obsessed with personal growth and teaching it to others. I have been a performance coach and speaker for 10+ years now. In that time I have coached thousands of people – from college students to NFL superstars.

But, this site is not about me, it’s about you.  The lessons I have learned in life will be shared to give you a burst of motivation for your own life.  Let’s talk about why this site is useful and meant just for you.

If you have arrived on this site or have listened to my podcast, you’re probably a lot like me.  I am always trying to become the best version of myself.  Nobody is perfect, which is why I want to be vulnerable with you and share my authentic experiences and lessons for the world to see.

About MWFMotivation

The mission of MWF Motivation is to help like-minded individuals connect, inspire and grow to become the best versions of themselves. We aim to provide as much condensed content as possible to help our community achieve the life they’ve always dreamed of as quickly as possible.

Our philosophy is to create habits of successful people to see the same type of success and results in each area of life. From spirituality to physical fitness to emotional health, we focus on each facet of our well-being to give as much value to the people and world around us.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, a 10-20 minute episode is released to provide you with the motivation you need in order to give you the inspiration you need to execute your week at a high level.

Each article will be inspired from some of the top thought and business leaders in the world to give you the “cliff-note” version of the most inspiring content of our time.

About Rob

Rob Dial
Rob Dial
Rob believes that leaders are not born, they are groomed. He teaches that everyone must first develop a clear purpose and align their behaviors with that purpose to create a worthy future. Today, Rob inspires tens of thousands of people through podcasting, blogging and book writing that teach people to lead by example in every facet of their life.

Rob believes that if you help enough people get what they want, the rest is taken care of. Rob is passionate about his music career and helping people find out what they were put on Earth to do.